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Story by Daniel Way
Art by Bong Dazo, Jose Pimentel
Colors by Andres Mossa
Letters by VC - Joe Sabino
Cover by Dave Johnson

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

Maybe it’s the way I think but when you beat the crap out of anything Twilight, then I’m all ears. While I’m getting so sick of vampires lately I must admit Daniel Way makes Deadpool fighting vamp-I mean ‘Draculas’  a lot of fun. The first issue of this short little arc was action packed and funny; a huge improvement over the last couple of issues. While this might not be as strong as the previous issue, this was great to read. (Plus with a pretty bad week in general, this is leaps and bounds better then what else is in my stack)

While not every joke works, there are some diamonds in the pages. Deadpool dreaming about Robert Pattinson getting smacked around, the (I think anyways) ‘The Mask’ parody with his weapons, the Mexican Janitor knowning how to deal with the ‘Draculas’, and much more are sprinkled throughout the issue. There is some great action in this too and it’s all because of Bong Dazo’s pencils. It’s a style that’s really hard to pin down but it’s a nice blend of cartoon but highly detailed panels. It does get a bit hectic towards the middle but Dazo is able to handle the madness pretty well. Also I noticed some nice jokes he put in with his work; including one of the ‘Draculas’ having an ipod set in his coffin while sleeping.

Again it might not be the strongest issue of Deadpool to date, and the first issue of this ‘tie-in’ was a bit better overall. But still Daniel Way makes this a pretty fun read with some good jokes sprinkled throughout the issue and some clever fight scenes against the ‘Draculas’. If Way can just keep this quality going from here on out, then this can be a book to look forward to again like before.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I also noticed that DP has a back door flap on his super hero onesy.

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