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WRITER: Daniel Way
PENCILS: Carlo Barberi
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Sabino
COVER BY: Jason Pearson

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

My campaign for ‘Give Me One Deadpool Series Only!’ is still continuing my friends! Okay….I gotta think of a better name for it. But you get the gist of it. This Deadpool series, by Daniel Way, should be the ONLY Deadpool series out. This arc continues the brilliant debut of Hit-Monkey and Way continues to deliver the goods.

-Funny one-liners, and I mean good one’s. Not lazy, pop culture references you see in other series.

-A great use of other Marvel U characters, in this case Spider-Man, and not obscure heroes. Daniel Way’s take on Spider-Man is great, especially in ‘Pool-O-Vision’.

-Great artists used. Okay I admit the other Deadpool series has some good artists attached to them. (I love Bong Dazo). But Paco Medina and Carlos Barberi are no slouches! Barberi is the artist for this arc and he is fantastic at: character models, panel layouts, action, and the insane offers Way gives in his scripts. Also, some great one-page sequences in this. Like Hit-Monkey towering over Spider-Man or that awesome final page.

My friends this should be your only Deadpool read monthy!…..Or bi-weekly, as this arc is right now. Anyways, for twenty issues Daniel Way has given us why Deadpool can be a great character when written well. Even if your the most vocal ‘anti-Deadpool’ hater. You will definitely smile at what is delievered in this issue. Let’s continue this campaign!!!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Agreed Great read. Yes, this is the only Deadpool that should be around.  I lurve Deadpool, but they are killing him with over saturation.   Way is doing the best out of any of the other DP comics out.  But on the flipside, i’m waiting for someone to create possibly a dark & edgier view on Deadpool Someone that can make a working History of Deadpool seeing how everyone like to change Dp’s history. I guess I just miss the good ole’ days of Blind Al & T-Ray….

  2. @MrPopular: Way has done some dark sides of Wilson in this book. Not all the time, but he does seem to know when to make things a bit more serious. His take in the Wolverine Origins arc comes to mind.

  3. Mindless witty banter and nonsensical, inane plot threads are Deadpool’s bread and butter. So far, I’m laughing my a$$ off all the way through the Hit Monkey arc … I think it’s BRILLIANT!!!
    I read in a history somewhere that the same thing happening now with Deadpool happened with Wolverine back during the 90s. Anytime they need to increase their sales Deadpool makes an appearance… not saying I agree with the practice though.
    I’m collecting THIS book… and ONLY this book. The first story arc for Merc with a Mouth was OK, but in this book, Deadpool has played a key role in some central events in recent Marvel universe stories … Secret Invasion … Dark Reign … can’t wait to see how they use him in Siege …

  4. OMG yes… I’m so sick of all the other DP series that aren’t even that good. I can deal with Way, because he handles DP well. But all the others are just.. worthless 😛

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