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Written by Mark Waid, Scott Beatty and Len Wein
Art by Various
Cover by Alex Ross

Size: 144 pages
Price: 14.99

I’m a little surprised that with Aquaman and Flash so prominently featured on the cover, there are no origins for either of them. Was that really the only piece of art available? Or couldn’t they have thrown together origins for them. That said, it’s still pretty cool.

The writers – Mark Waid, Scott Beatty and Len Wein – do a good job of capturing the heroes’ personality. The art is by some top notch artists, many that you often don’t see doing interior pages, such as Brian Bolland (Animal Man, Joker, Zatanna), Adam Hughes (Power Girl, Wonder Woman), Mark Chiarello (Two-Face), Bruce Timm (Harley Quinn) and, one of my personal favorites, Kevin Nowlan (Adam Strange, Elongated Man).

There were some origins that were omitted and I’m a little curious as to why they couldn’t include all of them. It only included some of the origins from JLA: Cry for Justice, skipping out on at least Captain Marvel Jr. and Batwoman. I also wonder if some of the origins from 52 and Countdown were left out. You’d think that if you’re doing a book like this, you’d put them all in there.

If you want to cheap out, these are also all available at dccomics.com/dcu/heroes_and_villains/ where you can also find a Demon origin by Len Wein and Eric Powell which was left out for no apparent reason.

That said, what you do get is a beautifully drawn primer of most the heavy hitters of the DC Universe as well as a lot of the less known characters. But really, no Aquaman or Flash?

I gave this book fives for story and art, and if there were an option to rate editorial decision, I’d give it a three.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Dude you took the words right out of my mouth!

    They probably just wanted to put an Alex Ross cover to entice buyers. But still; where is Aquaman, Flash (you have 4 to choose from), and Martian Manhunter? Looking at where these came from, 52 and Countdown, they probably just wanted to focus on the characters relvent to these titles.

    Other then that decision, I also agree on the quality of these origin recaps. More so for the art, cause there are some character/artist pairings in here I’d love to see in the future. Yes there’s wikipedia, or sites like this for free; but pretty good deal if you go get this.

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