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Normally I detest Judd Winick. I’ve complained about his Green Arrow series, I complained about the wedding, and I complained about the first issue of Decisions.

This issue? I loved. A whole lot.

Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan argue about politics and then get into a fist fight. Seriously, what’s not to like?

Story: 4 - Very Good
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  1. Thank you for letting me know this comic existed.

    You are a great humanitarian.

  2. Normally I would ignore a comic that tries to mix in politics in general cause it usually doesnt work.

    But when I read the line ‘Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan argue about politics’ then I think I need to read this. Batgirl does this remind you of the old Green Arrow/Green Lantern series? Cause it certainly sounds like it does…

  3. @TheNextChampion It’s definitely a throw back to it, what with Ollie having to call someone a fascist, yes. And fighting with Hal about politics. And its just as heavy handed. (I love the old GA/GL run, don’t get me wrong. But it was not at all subtle, and neither is this.) But Winick writes Hal/Ollie/Dinah really well in this, so if you enjoy that, you’ll probably enjoy this issue.

    @ohcaroline It’s like Winick knew exactly what we needed out of this comic, and gave it to us. Although it would have been even better if a) there was more punching and b) Ollie and Hawkman yelled at each other.

  4. Agreed. Even about the Winnick hate. Looking past all the political hype, this is a cool JLA story, which is something we’re not getting in the current JLA title. Maybe because this book showcases characters people actually care about? No offence to the 3 or 4 fans who love Red Tornado & Vixen.

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