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  1. You know that’s even WORSE than what I expected, because I didn’t expect it to be a recap issue.  I at least thought they’d be trying to get some characterization in.  And I totally see the editorially-mandated thing, I just. . .wonder what the editors would have been thinking?  From what I can tell X-FORCE is a more popular comic than Uncanny so — were they trying to appeal to x-force fans who had read the crossover?  Crossover fans who weren’t reading X-Force.  No clue!

  2. This comic should have been a dollar, no fifty cents.. you know what? This is definetly "free issue" material, don’t you agree?

  3. Yeah I kinda wish I didn’t buy this since it basically recapped a bunch of books I’ve allready read and then ended exactly how I though it would….

  4. @ohcaroline: I think the editors intent was just to wrap up a dangling plot thread, but since it was both X-Force and Uncanny storylines involved, thats why they put it out in a one-shot. I dont know which particular readership it was aimed at, but my assumption with the X-Offices is always that they want you to buy EVERY X-Book to get the full story. That could be why they pushed for this one-shot to feature so many recaps from both X-Force and Uncanny.

    @mangaman: I wouldn’t say this issue should be free, since the free issues that they usually hand out just consist of text recaps, whereas here a story was told (half-assed as it was.) It should have definitly been a dollar or 50 cents, though, as this was pretty much a #0 issue. There was no major event or story here that justified the 4 dollar price tag. 

  5. Damn, that is really sad that it seems basically pointless.  And you’re right, with the words "The Confession" in the title, this should have been a real gut punch of an issue.  Sucks you spent money on it, but glad you convinced me not to 🙂

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