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There are many crossovers that come to mind. ‘Marvel vs DC’, ‘Superman vs Spiderman’, or the epic ‘Micronauts and the X-Men’. But is there anyone out there thinking of reading a crossover between Deadpool and the Thunderbolts? Not so much….hell even as a Deadpool fan I wasn’t looking forward to this.

The plot actually focuses more on Deadpool then the Thunderbolts group. It follows Wilson’s current plotline of trying to get back at Norman Osborn for taking away his chances of getting paid during Secret Invasion. Instead of fighting Osborn, he gets ambushed by the newly formed Thunderbolts and the chase is on. Considering what the plot is, it has a thread going from A to B, so it’s not like a conclusion isnt met by this story. Out of the way right now, Daniel Way’s part of this is the only good thing going towards it. As with any issue of Deadpool lately; it’s funny, it’s action packed, and just has the perfect voice for the Merc. The stuff that involved Andy Diggle and the ‘Thunderbolts’ issues….well they are so well written. The problem with this crossover is that Diggle spends no time really giving us a voice for the new team other then Black Widow. It’s really hard to care about a bunch of C list villains when they get easily taken down within an issue. Hell even Diggle points out several times how ‘sad’ this team is. If the current writer of the book doesnt like the team at this point, what chance do we have of enjoying this crossover?

Once again the art is a mixed bag. Paco Medina’s pencils are some of the best in the company right now. Blending in a nice mix of cartoony and gritty feel to the panels. While Bong Dazo gives a more detailed and very weird fuzion of indie art to this. Dazo isnt the worst artist in the world; in fact I kinda grew into his work the more I read the crossover. But it would’ve been nice if they got someone else for the crossover. Maybe actually use the artist that is on Thunderbolts before and after this? Kinda a weird way of saying ‘screw you’ to the current artist of the title.

As big as a Deadpool fan, I really cant recommend buying this as of today. Sure the $12.99 is a cheap price for a Marvel trade in this day and age…..but maybe it would be best if you just wait for a big sale at your LCS or just wait to see it in a bargin bin. Again it isnt the worst crossover or story in Marvel; but it certainly isnt the most polished or well written crossover either.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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