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My feelings toward this issue constantly shifted, as I read it.    The first two pages horrified me, as I am NOT a fan of Greg Horn’s painted pages.  They look like lame graphics from the early days of 3-D computer imagery.  But after a couple of pages, Deodato takes over, , and whie he’s not my favorite penciler/inker, his work shines in comparison with Horn’s.

Story-wise, this issue was also an odd trip for me.  I’ve really loved this storyline, and was concerned that they were going to get their way out of this in a particular way.  And that was exactly how this issue played out.  But as cheap as I feel the solution was, it does seem to be leading somewhere interesting, and, perhaps, this will be the last time they employ the Get Out Of Dire Situation Free Card that Bendis keeps using.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Once again, the Sentry is used in a way that tantalizes us but teaches us nothing about him. Now he is some kind of super-Molecule Man? Talk about an eternal deus ex machina!

  2. @coltrane: Yea, the whole Sentry thing just gets more and more frustrating by he week. Next week they’re going to reveal he’s smarter than Reed Richards, and then the following week they’re going to reveal he entire Marvel Universe is acually going on inside his head.  Then they’re going to kill them and start all their comics over with #1s.

  3. The Sentry’s molecule powers are briefly explained in a single panel in Sentry: Reborn by Jenkins/Romita Jr.

  4. @chunkahash: I know Bendis does his continuity homework, and ha he Sentry has probably had he powers for a bit, it’s just hat The Sentry has every power that helps Marvel writers write out of cornerss.  Bendis even seems to cop to that in this issue by mentioning that The Sentry could House Of M all the superheroes.  I hope, by saying that, that Bendis means he thought about it, and decided against it,

    My main issue with The Sentry is that he seeems to be more and more Supermannish every issue, and I enjoy Marvel more than DC (generally, there are specific DC comics I love) is because the Marvel U hasn’t really had a Superman.

  5. There is no god. Only Sentry. The rest of us are only molecules. ’nuff said.

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