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  1. Instead of Superman, Bendis is has decided to model the Sentry after Solar, a character from Gold Key and then later Valient comics.  Solar could manipulate reality because his powers were radiation based.  I’m not sure how the Sentry got his powers.  Eventually, Solar also became god-like in his abilities.

  2. I’ve been reading Sentry; Reborn just for this.  According to that Sentry got his powers by stealing a secret serum that a college professor was working on.   After the doctor discovered he had taken it he said "…The serum creates a phase-shifting effect in the molecules of your body, causing each atom to step an instant ahead of the current timeline.  Listen to me Sentry – It’s important that you understand!  Somehow, the serum induces a photosynthetic reaction creating a hyperstate of consciousness." 

  3. @Chunkahash

    The Sentry miniseries was written in a way that suggested that the stories were not necessarily accurate. For instance, several versions of the Sentry’s origin story were provided, and there were several stories that seemed to dissolve into a different reality. Bendis is taking advantage of the Sentry’s ambiguity by inventing yet another power set for him. I’m getting a bit sick of this.

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