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Story by David Schulner
Art by Juan Jose Ryp & Felix Serrano
Cover by Juan Jose Ryp

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

We are only three issues into this new series and I am flabbergasted on how great it is. David Schulner, for a first time writer, is really impressing me on how well he can write a sci-fi thriller. Maybe a series about cloning isn’t new, but there’s still a lot love about this title.

What I like best about Schulner’s writing is how the story isn’t predictable. In a normal thriller you’d have the usual tropes when it comes to the plot. But so far Schulner hasn’t hit these tropes and has written around them. The politician here isn’t evil and he is actually trying to find a way to fix this issue. Luke isn’t turning into a bad ass (at least for now) and he’s struggling to navigate the facility holding his wife. I honestly have no idea if Luke’s wife is going to live or not. These issues being brought to the series, and more, really make it a fun book to read and it makes me realize I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Gotta hand it to David for actually making an original comic for a change.

The main reason I bought this series, before realizing how good Schulner is, was for Juan Jose Ryp. It is absolutely astonishing what this man can do on a monthly schedule. Look at that one, tiny panel of the Vice-President’s house. Look at the detail! How he can do that in such a tiny image is amazing. Then you see the backgrounds and if Ryp needs a second job, maybe being an interior decorator would be a nice option. The kitchen inside this beautiful mansion looks great (maybe I should arrange my kitchen to look like that). But then you see the characters and the amount of detail in them is also astonishing. The individual wrinkles in their face, or their clothing, is just….well sorry I keep repeating myself but it is quite astonishing. Sure, some of the angles the character move in are a bit awkward. And I honestly didn’t need to see an old man like that in the shower. But apart from that, the detail in this issue will impress the hell out of you even if you aren’t a big lover of art.

So you have great art and a great story here with this new series by Image. As a TV writer, David Schulner had a 50/50 chance to turn himself into a competent comic book writer. In three issues, he has impressed me for being a damn good comic book writer. This was a tense issue from beginning to end and it is rare to read a book where you have no idea what’s going to happen. If anything, Juan Jose Ryp’s art is more than enough reason to buy this comic. The amount of detail in each page will impress you and I would be shocked if it doesn’t.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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