CHEW #35

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Story By: John Layman
Art By: Rob Guillory

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

If you read just this issue of Chew you’d think it was a silly comic. I guess a comic involving a cyborg in a menage a trois with two elderly people, a guy who can eat someone to witness crimes, and a giant pumpkin house is silly. But what sets this series apart from most is how dedicated the creators are. John Layman and Rob Guillory might, off-hand, be up to shenanigans, but in reality they are crafting one hell of a story.

Layman has been very devious in writing his story. He has slowly developed Tony Chu from a bewildered FDA official into a John McClane-esque badass. It might be hard to realize in this cavalcade of funny visuals but a great character has been developed here. This particular issue has a lot of story progression with Mason Avoy finally getting captured. That and there is a last page reveal which will make your fist pump. Considering we still have twenty-five issues to go for the finale it is anyone’s guess how Layman plans to take this series.

What is easy to predict is that Rob Guillory is going to take his wheelbarrow to the bank, the “money bank”. His cartoony style is also deceptive in how people (like the producers of from Showtime) view this series. The amount of energy that sprouts forth in each page is undeniable. No matter what Layman has in store Guillory can match and out due his partner. The opening sequence of John Colby in misery is a great example of how his designs can evoke laughs with mostly stage direction to work with. But it is the seemingly endless, and mindboggling, little jokes Guillory crams into each panel. Every issue (this being no different) is endless joy and it can take long periods of time to go through each panel thanks to Rob.

While each issue of Chew has been amazing to read, this particular release is a great example to point out its brilliance. Not only is it crammed with hilarious jokes, situations, and props; but it also delivers a lot on story. John Layman has quietly done a great job on story and character development that will read nicely in one huge chunk. Rob Guillory will definitely make you come back for more each time with his hilarious, and lovely rendered, scenes. No matter the week or what the competition doles out this series will ALWAYS be one of the most anticipated series to read.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. This was excellent in every regard. Last issue was great too. These guys have turned up the volume on this story so that it feels like we are in a Slipknot concert! This particular issue had it all and you have right about Guillory. That man is a magician! I’m surprised more people arent talking about this arc and it sucks because I don’t want to be the one who spoils everything for the trade-waiters (I know this title has a lot), but DAMN! It’s like the whole series is being flipped on its head and no one but you cares. I for one am excited about it. What do you think about that other toe and the back of the issue?? No way right? It’s gotta just be some sort of message like what was left at the pumpkin house. Right?

    • @theWAC1: Well I have a feeling there’s more to it then the obvious. It’s gonna take a lot of B.S. for Layman to explain for Toni coming back. But then again he brought Colby back quickly as a cyborg….so who knows?

    • Well however, or whatever happens, I haven’t been this excited about this series for quite sometime. I’m wondering how Olive is going to play into it, and if she is tied into the Toni thing (will she eat the toe.and get her powers?). The Savoy thing and what happens to him…The prophecy. Am I overreacting? It really feels like shit’s about to get deep. And yet if still makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. You are right on when you call it brilliant.

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