CHEW #19

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John Layman, Rob Guillory

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Every issue of Chew has been amazing. Maybe I haven’t always given it a ‘5’ every issue but it’s gonna take a hell of a lot to make this book anything less then fantastic. Every issue is peppered with jokes both from John Layman and from the wonderful artist that is Rob Guillory. This issue in particular I just sat there and looked over every single panel inside. Unlike in Sweet Tooth this week it took more then a minute to read through. This book is probably the one comic I could read for ten minutes and only be at the halfway point.

There was a joke in here that made me laugh and it’s the simplest of jokes. In a panel there is a meteorite on a desk and next to it is a piece of paper with writing. I turn the book upside down and all the piece of paper said was:

“Analysis: It’s a Rock”

For some reason that had me laughing more then anything else in the book. I’m not saying everything else was funny, or that this is the best joke in history. But the fact that I literally turned this book over, with no second thoughts, to just read this simple joke made me laugh because I was doing it! It suckered me in because I was so deep into the panels I couldn’t notice what I was doing.

That is a sign of how greatly invested in this comic book I’m in. Last week I posted that Chew is my #1 ongoing series as of right now. It’s hard to really justify any other book. It’s hilarious, it’s full of amazing artwork by (what I’m gonna call him now) the ‘modern master’ that is Rob Guillory, and it’s the only book I know of that gets me so invested every issue. It might be a pain to wait for each issue but it’s totally worth it if even the simplest of jokes can get me.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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