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WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon
COVER BY: Gabriel Ba

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

So is it worth it?  I bought Casanova in issues the first time around, then I bought the rather purty Luxuria hardcover as well, but I want to support this book so I’m getting it all over again.  And yes, it is worth it. In the interests of full disclosure I feel I should admit that I don’t always “get” every last thing that happens in Casanova.  There is always some trippy time paradox elelment, or alternate version of a character that trips up my understanding, but still I adore it.

Casanova is everything you love about sci-fi, 60s spy movies, Steranko’s Nick Fury and everything Howard Chaykin ever created for himself.  It carries you along on the audacity of it’s constantly twisting story and the wild character concepts.  You have to leave your idea of “rules” at the door as you go in, because anything goes in this book.  I know that part of what I love is that unquantifiable sense of atmosphere and mood, it’s just unlike anything else you saw on the comic store shelves this week.  That sounds a little vague admittedly, but it’s almost as if defining Fraction’s work here would take away from the magic.

Then there’s that artwork.  Is there anyone who can find fault with Ba and Moon?  I know I can’t.  I worship these artists, for their originality, their raw talent and their versatility.  They turn it out quickly too!  The main story remasters and colours Ba’s original first chapter and it looks as glorious as ever, so kinetic and imaginative. Moon contributes the new back up, and these days I can definitely tell the difference between the brothers (not that one is better than the other, please understand).  Fabio has a kind of curvier, floatier line and I look to him for more raw emotion. I could stare at these pages for days and it’s this art that could make me buy this book yet again in the oversize harcover format (are you listening Marvel?).

So if you’ve followed any of these three creators at all in recent years you already know the answer to my initial question.  Is it worth it to see them all working in their purest form, doing something that’s clearly close to all their hearts?  You bet your sweet, psychedelic ass it is!!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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