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Story by Warren Ellis
Art by Raulo Caceres

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

Ah good old Avatar. You as a company bring surprises sometimes and I love ya for it. Yes, I am serious when I say that I completely forgot about this series. But can you blame me? I mean it’s been 8 months since an issue came out! Now we all know I am not a fan of lateness, but I gotta tell you something…..I don’t mind this being late.

When you have amazing artwork by Raulo Caceres here, lateness can be forgiven. Practically every page here has an enormous amount of detail in it. If we’re in a forest, Caceres seems to painstakingly draw every tree and the details of every trunk. When we’re in a city, the buildings look so realistic and you can literally see the cracks in the concrete on the road. Even if you’re looking at a simple character design you can literally see all of the wrinkles on his or her face and the clothing is good looking too. What I’m saying is that: This book is freakin gorgeous! I haven’t even got to the special effects like with all of the lighting effects or the very realistic fire drawn as well. The only thing I can find really a nitpick for is how Caceres deals with violence. When blood is show, or sometimes brain matter, it doesn’t look too well done. I’m not asking for Juan Jose Ryp style of detail in the gore; but it all looks like silly putty if I’m honest.

With all the love for Caceres you’d think the writer would be an afterthought. But no, this is written by Warren Ellis and you get the typical Ellis storytelling (i.e. GOOD storytelling). There’s a good amount of action, comedy, and just insane dialogue to keep the story going at a fast pace. I will admit that because of the lateness (and truthfully I can’t find the other two issues in my stack right now) I was a bit lost with the characters and their motivations. But Ellis handles it all pretty well and you get familiar with the characters in no time. Plus I do like how the narration in this gets it’s own separate page with gorgeous old school patent designs. It might seem dull to some, but I think it’s very exciting.

So yes, I will say that if the last issue takes another eight months to come out I will admit I won’t mind. Raulo Caceres puts an amazing effort into every page, panel, and design into this comic. It’s a sight to behold and it really reminds me that Avatar is lucky to have very talented artists working for them. (Unlike how some of the naysayers out there feel about their artists. You know who you are!) Plus the story is pretty good too by Warren Ellis but to be honest it really is all about the art. This will definitely be a must-buy trade for anyone….whenever the last issue comes out.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. thank you for the review i got so fucking happy when my comicbook store owner show this to me

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