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It’s hard to believe that this book is already on issue #4. It seems like only yesterday that we were introduced to Faiza, re-introduced to John Lennon the Skrull, and witnessing government planning from 10 Downing St.

This issue succeeds in its framework. It transitions brilliantly from the war against the Skrulls to an ongoing series. It is clear by the end of the book that future episodes will involve fights against magical creatures, a heavy-duty team-based approach with changing team members, and occasional bureaucratic meddling. Sounds great.

The actual plot of the issue was a touch less exciting than the prior books. Without wanting to give away the plot too much, it seems as though the heroes’ late stand was a bit predictable. Still, how bad can it be when Captain Britain acts heroically, and Pete Wisdom walks the fine line of stoicism and sarcasm?

The Secret Invasion tie-ins have been great; Captain Britain and MI 13 has been the best so far. Congratulations to the creators.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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