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‘This is the end……my dear old friend….’

After what seems like months, even years! (okay about one year and nine months) Ed Brubaker’s ‘Death of Captain America’ will finally come to a close with this volume. Although the title is a bit wonky I must admit, I mean there is already a new Captain America within this trade. Stupid nitpick aside, this is one of the greatest Marvel stories period. When the next generation of comic book fans come along (maybe 10-20 years from now) we will all be pointing this story out as the benchmark of the modern era.

This volume in particular feels a lot like a techno thriller, Mission Impossible likĀ if you can believe. Every single issue the tide slow turns as we are also slowly being shown what Red Skull’s master plan is. What I love in particular about this particular part of the arc is how tense and action packed it is. Anything involving with Red Skull, Zola, and Faustus is pure gold and because of the ‘Coporate Red Skull’ jokes on this website, it makes it funny as well. The last issue in this is just nothing short of brilliant and the final page just makes you want craving more.

The art in this book is also pure 100% incredible. Steve Epting basically saved his career by being on this title. But it’s weird why he wasnt such a hot artist because all of the pencils in this are great. Whether it’s the facial designs, or the epic battle scenes…everything about in this book will make you cry in a good way.

All 42 issues of this title has been downright perfect. Hopefully in the future this will all be collected in yet another omnibus. Now I normally dont recommend getting all these different type of versions of the same comic. But if you could collect this in Hardcover, Trade Paperback, and even Omnibus form…you wouldnt look too foolish in doing so. Here’s to hopefully yet another great run by Brubaker in the future of this title.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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