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Wow, I love this book but…


Is the story actually moving? It feels like it has been less then 36 hours since Bucky donned the mantel. The problem is that was 5 issues ago. Enough. Rescue Sharon or kill her. To be honest I don’t care any more. I love this story but I don’t feel like it is making any progress right now. I’m starting not to care about major characters and that is a bad thing. I think it is maybe time for an oversize issue or an annual to wrap up some major things so the story can get back to moving. There are too many loose ends and stories started that have not been moving forward.


The art in this book is beautiful, the story brilliant (but stalled for lack of time) and I want to care. I have grabbed this book first in my stack almost every month for a year. I don’t think I will though next week. The cliff hanger just did not make me all that interested. Ok so another brainwashed Faustus freak is going to fight Captain America. Whoopee! Yes, it will be visually stunning. Yes, I will like the story. No I am not waiting on pins and needles, in fact if you told me the book was canceled right now I am not sure how much I would care.


Wow. That makes me sadder then you can imagine.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Granted, the pacing is a little slow, but there were some major reveals in this issue; it feels to me like a lot has happened in the last couple installments.  But more than that, Brubaker is doing wonderful things with the characters — Bucky and Sam and Sharon and the villains here, Clint and Tony in previous issues.  I’m just enjoying the hell out of it, and it looks great.

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