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Written by BRYAN Q. MILLER

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

I picked up all four BRUCE WAYNE: THE ROAD HOME books this week, just as an experiment. I haven’t been following the death or return of Bruce at all, and I wanted to see how these books introduced me to the new Bat-status quo. I would then review each one in turn.

Long story short, the Batgirl title is the best of them by approximately fifty miles. It basically junks the lame assassination-spree subplot that turns the other books into exposition festivals, and focuses on Stephanie’s relationship with Bruce. While the other books basically treat Bruce’s return as a giant game with zero stakes, Stephanie responds to the news that Bruce is still alive in a surprising way that really elevates the book. Also, this is the only book of the four that treats Bruce’s new suit, which simulates the powers of the entire Justice League, as the awesome thing it is – when he creates a Green Lantern-type blast we’re treated to the sound effect “WLLLLLL!”

The art by Pere Perez (who apparently inked himself) is also the best of the four books. After reading the first page, which seemed dashed off in the same way that certain pages in Batman & Robin did, I was expecting bad things. But the rest of the book is spectacular, with great face-acting from all characters. I loved this book in every way, and it makes me really want to read the main Batgirl title (especially since Dustin Nguyen is taking over art duties).

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I agree, this issue was damn good and the better of the other one I read (Batman & Robin), but thought the other one was a strong effort as well, all in all makes me wanna check out the other two as well, would it be worth it?  Pere Perez does seem to be an up and coming artist, he does make Bruce’s suit look cooler than it does in the other book I got.  If you passed on Batgirl before, you pretty much missed out, cus Steph has been the same sassy self in her own title series as she is here, and Lee Garbett is a A-list talent in my book, as is Dustin Nguyen, so the excitement for the Batgirl series just keeps getting better.

  2. I highly recommend the Batgirl series.  Its become one of my favorite reads.

  3. I was loving Batgirl until the Supergirl team up to kill all the stupid Draculas issue.  Didn’t like this or ANY of The Road Home so far!!  That new suit looks so stupid!!  I hope he isn’t sticking with it!!  I hope Batgirl returns to that great quality we were having before…

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