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*This trade starts out with a Marv Wolfman story with Raven and Supergirl. I want to discuss more about what this trade is and not this extra issue they had to throw in. It will impact my score but for the sake of argument I am not going to fully review it. Just to let you know: It’s not that great of a story and if you buy this trade, I say skip it*

With a new revamp of Brave and the Bold coming (with JMS as writer) I should confess something about the series. I love it to death. Where else can you have a comic where you can have a continuity free story about some superheroes? In DC I can’t think of any other titles then just this one. Sure a comic dealing with Green Lantern teaming up with Phantom Stranger doesn’t sound like a ‘must read’ story. But it’s where the writer can tell an original story with the two without any consequences. I’ve enjoyed this reboot of this title since Mark Waid brought it back; but can David Hine keep my interest up?

The story follows Hal Jordan getting a message from Phantom Stranger, about a medical facility holding a secret. When they learn about what these doctors did to certain children, they learn that one has telekinitic abilities. This child warns them of a certain figure that will bring about the end of the universe. Obviously there is more going on here then a simple warning. For the most part David Hine is a guy I’m 50/50 on. One story it’ll really be good, another story will be pretty bad. Thankfully this is in the good column as I had fun reading the suspense of the story. He writes a really good Phantom Stranger and Green Arrow. Speaking on the latter, he doesn’t appear till the last two issues of this and don’t let the cover of the trade fool you. He’s more of a special guest star then anything else; still anything spoken by him is spot on how I want Ollie to sound like.

Doug Braithwaite is the key to this entire story. He draws some of the most beautiful panels I’ve seen in a comic. Even with Ivan Reis hitting homeruns on Blackest Night; this is some of the best designs for Hal Jordan. If anything I think Braithwaite could be an ongoing artist for a Green Lantern book. Cause his alien designs are also unqiue and up there in terms of imagination. Some of the inking in this can kinda ruin the art at points however. Especially when it comes to the children in here; which are creepy to begin with but still they don’t look good when they get skin tones inked in. As a whole though, it is still a beautiful book.

In a time where continuity is destroying some comic books (*cough*X-Men*cough*); Brave and the Bold is a breath of fresh air. Here you can read an issue or couple of issues and enjoy seeing your favorite DC superheroes saving the day. Heck this series will also bring in some minor characters in for the spotlight, which is always a plus. This recent reboot of Brave and the Bold has gone strong for four trades; and I can’t wait to see what JMS will bring to the table in a few months.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Interesting point about the free from continuity adventures and it sounds good, but I read the first issue and… meh. I might try the old run.

  2. @chlop: I’m willing to admit that Mark Waid’s run on this is a bit 50/50. I liked it overall but I can see why people might not like it. But definitely give a shot at the old series from the 70s-80s. Very good.

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