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Last issue I was very worried about this event. It seemed like Geoff Johns was focusing way to much on the moments and not on the actual story. Don’t get me wrong, see Firestorm end up in the situation he’s in was fun to watch. But the story has barely passed beyond a couple of hours and I was getting a ‘Secret Invasion’ vibe for some reason. I was so worried about reading this, because I didn’t want to think Johns was losing his touch. Well thank the maker for making this not happen, and I should’ve trust Geoff Johns more often.

I’m sure the main complain of this issue is going to be ‘time has still barely moved forward’, and in that case it’s kinda true. But I look at this issue in a different way; if we’re talking about the cosmic elements then that is moving forward in Green Lantern. The effects of this event happening on Earth is where this title is really focusing on. (For now anyways) In that regard, yes the plot has moved considerably. We’re seeing the heroes once again stand up to the threat and obviously it’s not going to end well. I like it how the heroes aren’t single handly winning this fight; just like in Final Crisis there is a sense of dread and failure which is rare for events. If you’d ask me that I would’ve cared about Ray Palmer and Mera earlier this year I’d say your crazy. But Geoff Johns characterizations and banter between the characters have made me interested in the more lesser known heroes. He’s finally made Palmer overcome his fears and he’s become a great leader again. There are other great, small moments within this comic. Great take on the Black Lantern Firestorm, Scarecrow talking to the original ‘Azrael’, Alan Scott trying to save the day….I’m loving that last part by the way. All of these moments, and more, are really fun to read.

Like Doug Mahnke in Green Lantern, it’s hard to find more praise to talk about in terms of Ivan Reis. Everything that has been said about him with the three previous issues can be stated here as well. But there are nice, small little details Reis puts into his work. Again his take on Barry Allen is downright perfect and I want him to be the ongoing artist for the new Flash ongoing. There are moments with Barry either using his powers or just going fast for the heck of it that is really great to look at. Like how he makes him move his head, it’s always a quick look with a blue and that’s a great touch. Or how you see Luthor’s power suit in the background, or Black Hand’s cape flowing in the wind. It’s all beautiful to look at and I haven’t even mentioned his splash pages here. Boy he might do the best splash pages in the industry as they are always beautiful and amazing to look at.

For the sake of spoilers I will not reveal the big baddie for this event. But it’s safe to say that his/her/it’s interesting is ‘holy shit’ worthy. Grant the reveal was sorta ruined when the solicts for issue #5 was released with no warning. Still, the big baddie is a scary thing and it’s Geoff Johns once again showing how using the past of DCU can have it’s advantages. This event has finally gotten back to being a badass story again. With the final page reveal, it’s only a matter of time when the entire DCU gets involved and not just heroes of Earth. All I know is that the next issue is going to be badass, and I have nothing to fear anymore about this event.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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