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Avg Rating: 4.3
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Story by Darwyn Cooke & Len Wein
Art by Darwyn Cooke & John Higgins
Cover by Darwyn Cooke, Michael Golden, & Jim Lee

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

Reading Before Watchmen didn’t seem right to me. I can’t explain why but it just felt wrong. I do not blame Darwyn Cooke for this, truth is he did a great job. I just think about someone adopting some one else’s kid when the real parent wants their baby back? is that too dramatic? Either way I feel I already know these characters and Darwin Cooke is doing a great homage to Alan Moore, but its something Moore does not want. He said all there was to say and this just seems excessive (3 covers!?!) Yes I did want to read the tell all from the original Owl Man but this feels like a ruse.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. What super hero comic is everyone reading that isn’t adopted? I know there are a few…Invincible, Savage Dragon…but just wait 20 years and see

  2. ^ exactly. Also, NOK, sounds like you made up your mind well before you’d even grabbed this title off the shelf – as most readers are equally guilty of. Nothing wrong with that…..just ashame you spent $3.99 on a book you already knew what it would do for you – entertainment wise. Hopefully the rest of this series & the other titles do more for ya.

  3. I really did not make up my mind before I bought this issue. The art alone was worth the price of admission. As far as adopted superhero comics… they never end. Watchmen did end, and with a big bad beautiful ending as is usually expected from an Alan Moore story. First time I read Watchmen I did not like the ending and thought !That’s It!?! But Watchmen can be re-read and all you need is there if you look and re-examine it years later. I bought this because I wanted to see these retro characters in action by the best of the best in the business. I love the era + Darwyn Cooke, so I bought it.

    Having said that, Darwyn Cooke did do a good job in bringing these characters back. I am just saying they didn’t need to be brought back by DC comics.

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