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Written by DAVID FINCH
Variant cover by ANDY CLARKE

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

David Finch’s “The Dark Knight” certainly didn’t go as I hoped or he planned. Finch’s story started off strong and with tons of potential. Even when issues did start coming out again they were well written and looked great. But the atrocious delays killed the momentum of the story. So to get prepared for the final issue, I went back and re-read up to this point.

Finch was obviously up against a hard deadline with the approaching DC’s New 52 relaunch. And while I really enjoyed the first four issues, issue #5 really never clicked for me. Finch had developed several interesting subplots but left many unresolved. He mainly focuses on the Dawn and Etrigan stories. They both come together but in a rushed and unsatisfying way. We do get a brief epilogue about the young girl who tried to steal the batmobile but it ends in an abrupt yet bland cliffhanger of sorts.

The one true positive from the issue is Jason Fabok’s art. There some fantastic pages none better than an incredible two page spread in the middle of the story. But while the book features some really strong panels, much like the story there are times when the art looks rushed. Some panels don’t seem to be given the time and detail as other parts of the book. But the good outweighs the bad by far and I found this to be a visually entertaining issue.

It’s a shame that a series with such obvious aspirations never met it’s potential. Much can be blamed on the horrible shipping delays. But the DC relaunch also forced it to a quick conclusion. There is some entertainment here but Finch leaves several loose ends and a puzzling ending that left to many questions for a series heading into a relaunch. Even with it’s sharp artwork this issue just doesn’t do the previous four books justice.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I gave the art a 4.

  2. The art wasn’t bad at all; the story was lacking and the panels at times got lost. But I like David Finch’s writing…..he needs more practice but he’s not that bad. His covers are Awesome! I just wished he drew more; and Jay Fabok is better than some others out there. All in all……time will tell where these 2 will go.

    • I agree. Finch is a fantastic artist. I think this book ran up against the New 52 deadline and he had to try and sum every thing up in a hurry. It just didn’t work for me story-wise.

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