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Let me put this out of the way, the Batman Confidentials arc ‘Lovers and Madmen’ is one of the best Batman stories ever written. I am serious with that statement. I know so many people poo-pooed the new origin for Joker in that story but damn, I thought it was a great new origin for Joker. Obviously it isnt in continuity cause it’s such a dramatic departure from the last 20-25 years of origin we thought Joker has had. But still a soild read all around.

Anyways back to the issue at hand, this was a decent issue. Nothing else to say really, I was hoping for good things here but it was just a mix and match of good and bad things. I like the art, it has a Batman: The Animated Series vibe, and I could totally see this as a ‘Batman Adventures’ arc from long ago. It’s an interesting story about Joker’s killing methods while in county, but there’s just too much miss here then hits. Joker pretending to beat himself up or talking about lawyers were great. But what wasnt great was pretending to be a doctor or talking to the cops in general. Someone else said it best that it was too forced with the suicide call and there is just too much of a vibe of The Dark Knight film in this.

It isnt the best story ever, and maybe my hopes we’re a bit dashed with this issue. I mean with Lovers and Madmen, plus the Batgirl arc; this was really turning into a great Batman series. I’m not saying you shouldnt give this a try, but this is definitely not the strongest issue you’ll read in the store this week.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I *love* Lovers and Madmen. It’s everything that a Batman/Joker story should be. You might be the 1st person I’ve seen who loves it too. What are your other favourite Batman stories?

    Oh and yeah, this issue wasn’t great. 

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