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This was certainly not a great issue by any means but I do think the setup for the next issue was rather nicely done. The problem Grant Morrison has here is his pacing. When Quitely was on the book, Morrison didn’t really have to worry about the pacing of the plot because Quitely could quite honestly make anything really fun. That’s just how good Quitely is. But with Tan on the book (and I liked his work here) the artwork can’t make up for a rather stale plot even if it does lead to better things. Also the character of Scarlet was better without her inner monologue. It seemed forced to introduce the character of Flamingo. And he seems to be another wild and wacky Morrison villain.

I’m sure the next issue will be a bit better and I’m really excited for everything afterwards (Stewart is amazing).

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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