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Variant cover by FRAZER IRVING

Size: 32 pages
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God damn you Grant Morrison! Even when your work is extremely….EXTREMELY late I can’t stay mad at you. With you giving us the best Batman & Robin arc since the first with Quitely (yes I mean it!) its hard to stay mad.

I’m dead serious, this could be the best storyline to come out of this comic since the first. Everything is slowly, but surely, falling into place and Morrison is just making the tension so much greater. The comic could’ve just been the beginning with Joker and Damien and I would’ve given this five stars. Until last issue, I forgot just how fantastic Morrison is at writing the Joker. When we move on and get the action with Dick and Gordon, and then the glorious return of Pyg; well it’s just hard not to smile too. I still have no idea what Dr. Hurt has in store for the Duo, but it’s gonna be interesting to see where it all goes.

It’s such a shame that Irving takes so long to do an issue now a days. (Guess even with computers you can’t help lateness?) But it makes sense reading this why it’s taking so long. At least the first issue was just mostly talking heads. Here, Morrison has Irving do huge crowd scenes, massive fight peices, and overall just a tough job for him to do. Other then some wonky panels here and there (faces have always been an issue I noticed with him), Irving really hits it out of the ball park. I don’t think anyone will ever top Quitely’s ‘sexy’ dance of Pyg in issue #3; but there is still some freaky ass scenes of him in this issue. Again, I seriously doubt we’ll see another issue by the end of this month (or who knows, maybe even next month!) but at least Irving delivers another beautiful issue to wipe away the hate.

Even though we have had a long wait, we gotta remember we only have 2 more issues till Morrison is done…..Two issues! With so much going on, I don’t know how he’s gonna be able to conclude everything in a nice bow. But with his take on the Joker, Professor Pyg, the actions of Dr. Hurt, and the madness of Irving’s pencils…..I think we can all agree the wait and the results are going to be worth it.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Good point about the art delay, crowds and action would definitely take many times longer than just chatting faces

  2. The story was a little incomprehensible, but with Frazier Irving’s art, who cares? Does it even matter?

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