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  1. breaks my heart to see anyone talk that way about Tony Daniel’s work.

  2. @FACE: Agreed.

    @WilliamKScurryJr: I don’t think the point of the art was to tell a coherent story in this issue. Although I didn’t like this issue cuz as you said there is way too much Bat history for me to follow the writing but I think the art fit what Morrison was going for (whatever that is). Just hoping it all makes sense at the end of the arc.

  3. Like you, I wasn’t a fan of this issue (I think "phantasmagoric nightmare hallucination" was an awesome way to describe it), and I wonder if Morrison can wrap this story up in any type of satisfying way now, with only three issues left in R.I.P. (I don’t think the tie in issues will be required reading). I’m semi confident it can still end up as a good overall story, because in Morrison’s whole run on Batman, this is his first bad issue (IMO) and I will forgive it, if this arc concludes well.

  4. @FACE Sorry, dude — TD has never disappointed me this much in all his previous single issue work.

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