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  1. Thank you, I keep reading negative reviews, i seriously don’t get whats wrong with this book.

  2. @LiamHoward-With The Dark Knight coming out which will by all accounts  kick Iron Man’s ass critically, maybe not finanacially but definitely critically, interest in Batman will be high and for DC and G-Mo to be putting out Batman books that you need phd in the last 50 years of Batman books to understand is not very business smart.  The current Batman books should be more new reader friendly.

  3. @Kory I understand what you’re saying, but Batman shouldn’t only be set up for new readers. You shouldn’t stop story plans because the movie is coming out. You can’t just keep things status quo for new readers. The story must feel like it’s alive if anybody is going to want to read it. imagine you’re a guy who likes Batman. You see the movie, and then you feel like seeing what the comic is like these days (that is if you even realize there’s still a monthly comic, which you probably don’t). And then you hear how much more story is going on in the comic. Shit happens. I mean Batman had an antichrist-like son, and it looks like they might be killing Bruce off. That makes the comic where the real story is happening, not the movies. (I don’t think this requires 50 years of batman reading. I only read two previous arcs of Batman before I picked this up.)

    And if that kind of think turns you off you can always check out Detective. Or old trades. I have a feeling that way more people will be seeking out trades than the on-going, anyway. I think "Long Halloween" is going to get the real boost from this.

  4. @Kory, on second thought, I don’t know why I’m arguing with you. It is a pretty poor business choice.

  5. @NealAppeal (I’m not arguing with you, just further explaining my earlier post)- I’m not the biggest Marvel fan but having the Ultimate Spider-man books out, which was relatively new in it’s run around the time the first Spider-man movie came out(20 something issues I think), for new Spider-man readers to turn to was a good business decision.  I feel  DC should capitalize on a movie which will be massive to bring new readers by making their current Batman books not so muddled in continuity from Morrison’s 2 year run.  Movies are opportunities to find new readers.  For instance, when the Incredible Hulk came out I picked up Hulk #4 because I was interested in Hulk and after reading it I thought it was awful so I probably won’t read it again and Marvel lost a new customer for one of their books.  DC should start their own Ultimate line (yeah Marvel Zombies will say their ripping off but who cares) with Dark Knight coming out  and upcoming movies like the Superman Returns sequel, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman being rumored to be in Pre-production people will be interested in their characters so there should be books for new readers.

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