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Avg Rating: 4.6
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Story by Scott Snyder & James T Tynion IV
Art by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, & Jock
Cover by Greg Capullo
Variant Cover by Greg Capullo

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

If I had one criticism for Scott Snyder’s run on Batman it is this: I think he over explains certain aspects of his story. His first arc involving the Owls had that problem when, in the final issue, the villain did a monologue so long I was thinking he was parodying the Batman TV show. I feel bad finding fault in this run of Batman because Snyder has been killing it since taking over. But it is really hard for me not to notice it this week within the pages of this particular issue.

What is here is pretty damn good, don’t get me wrong. We get some more uneasy Joker in the beginning and then Batman explaining to his partners just why Joker is bluffing on knowing their identity was convincing. But that area of the issue is the most annoying aspect for me. Snyder drives the point so much that Joker doesn’t know who they are I was getting really annoyed. We get it! Joker doesn’t know who they are, stop repeating yourself Bruce! The issue, thankfully, gets away from this when Bruce realizes where Joker is hiding out. Still, a chunk of this issue is Batman explaining and it was more frustrating than entertaining if I’m being honest.

Of course Greg Capullo does an amazing job with this as always. That opening page with Joker is just unnerving to look at. Even with this being, mostly, a talking heads issue he lays it out in a way that doesn’t make it boring. I particularly liked the flashback because he made it look ‘old’ without really changing the designs. Props should go to Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia for making that sequence, and the rest of the issue, look so damn good.

Also, big props to James Tynion IV and Jock for making the back up enjoyable to read as always. This is our first look at the new52 Riddler so it’s interesting that Tynion got the first crack at it. I’m sure Snyder has big plans for him next year, but Tynion does a great job writing Negmia as he always is: an obnoxious asshole. Also, I loved how Jock drew his cell with as much green ink as possible. Green crosswords, green question marks, green everywhere! His Joker looks a little weird (even with his face ripped off!) but it gets the job done.

I hope this review doesn’t come across negative because I did love this issue. I just think that Snyder took WAY too much time explaining how Joker couldn’t know their identities and it hampered the issue for me. But everything else from Snyder was great, and so was the art by Greg Capullo, and the back up by Tynion and Jock was great as always. Hopefully this issue of overly explaining himself in his writing won’t occur for the rest of this arc. Sorry Scott.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. This review was spot on. Snyder is currently my favorite writer going, but I will say that as great as this issue was that it doesn’t quite reach the level of the past 2 for instance. Capullo’s art is just awesome and has been and will probably continue to be just the perfect complement to Snyder. I really enjoyed the backup. It continues with the Joker and gives a glimpse of what we can expect when Snyder does his Riddler story later in 2013. This issue is a 5 compared to other comics, but comparing Snyder to himself it is probably a 4-4.5.

  2. I think the pacing of the discussion of how the Joker could have made it into the cave was perfect. For a second time, Bruce is working under an assumption that is proving to be false. First, it was that he knew Gotham and nothing like the Court of Owls could exist. Now, it’s his assumption that the cave is inviolable. His repeated denial to acknowledge even the slightest possibility that this is how Joker knows everyone’s identity was a great twist on Batman lore. Snyder is excellent at exploring the past and finding possibilities that have heavy consequences.

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