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Bryan Miller, is creating something special with this batgirl series. This book invites the reader into a fun world, where we get to see Stephaine Brown being a warm hearted batgirl and really loving her role in the suit. She is still new to the game of crime fighting and Miller does a great job of showing balance between her skills and her areas for improvement, especially when Batman and Robin show up, and put a dark cloud over her moment to shine. However, as funny as batgirl is, the harsh world of Gotham is a dangerous place, and the end of this issue makes us aware of this reality, poor Stephaine, she was only try to help. This is a must read, jump on now!!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. It seems like nobody like this series besides me when it first started, then #5 comes out which is probably weakest issues so far other then the part with Damian telling Batgirl she has no chest, and now everybody is raving about it.  I guess I just have different taste in comics?

  2. it usually takes people a bit, to get on board with a book, people are coming around on this book, the next issue will make or break it.

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