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So this is it, people. This arc of Astonishing X-Men will either make or break my interest in this title, as I’ve really had enough. And it’s not even fully because of the lateness, though that is indeed a factor. The creators involved with this title haven’t really been fully commited to delivering the high calibre issues that we have seen early in this title’s life. This goes back to Joss Whedon’s extremely lackluster conclusion to his run, which should have been so much more. Then we get Warren Ellis on the title, who even though he introduced interesting ideas to his first arc, he was heavily slacking on displaying the team dynamic, which is very important to an X-Man book. Additionally, Simone Bianchi’s art made the story even more impenitrable, as it was overly hazy and murky. But now we have a new arc, and the amazing Phil Jiminez on penciling this time around. So how does this first issue fare?

Luckily, the art has been massivly improved, as Team Jiminez hits it out of the park here. The bright and clear pencils are reminicint of John Cassidy’s art, and the really bizarre elements featured here (including the Brood and the suprise twist at the end) are interestingly portrayed. The inker made the characters a bit shadowy and dark, but it isn’t too overbearing. Very solid art, will definitely be looking forward to this aspect each month.

I was also plesently suprised by the script. There wasn’t much to to the story, as most of it was devoted to the X-Men using their new hyper-jet to rescue Agent Brand from a high speed atmosphere re-entry. This simple story, however, allowed Ellis to explore the team dynamic better than he had before in his last arc, when he just jumped headfirst into the crazy sci-fi ideas. This simple team story serves as a nice intro to the bigger story, and it seems that Ellis finally has writing the X-Men down. The main villain of this story is looking to be The Brood, who normally I can’t stand. They’re not featured much in this story, so I can’t make too much judgement on them this time around. Though I have much faith in Ellis to pull them off as good characters.

Now that Ellis seems to have the basic fundamentals of writing the X-Men down, his scripts and Jiminez’s great art can make this book into the mega-blockbuster epic title that Astonishing X-Men should be. I’m highly optomistic for the next issue, bring it on!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I agree.  Good stuff.  Finally, a book with Storm in it that I want to read!

  2. I got a free issue/preview of Jimenez and it looked amazing. Then I saw a preview online and the art again looks really good. I just dont know if I’m up for Ellis either being lazy on writing superheroes, or not thinking of a good idea.

    I’ll keep this review in mind but I hope you forgive me for waiting on trade for this.

  3. @ultimatehoratio  I agree with the Storm comment!!  She’s been pushed to the sideline for way too long.

  4. Fantastic art in this.  This was my first Astonishing X-men issue i picked up and am now looking at picking up the Ominbus of issues 1-25.  I’m looking forwrad to this series.

  5. Oo… Toadmeister…  THIS was your first? This?… and you LIKED IT? Oo…

    to each his/her own I guess…

    I actually dropped the series the moment I took a crack at the book in the shop. I’ll see how 32 looks later on down the road but for now I’m glad I didn’t pick it up. Blech…

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