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I really liked this book. Surprisingly, this is becoming the X-Book I look forward to. I am growing bored with Uncanny and its two-handed second-rate art team and increasingly muddled plot.

Ellis is following in the tradition of Whedon in minimizing loose plot threads in favor of a single, directed narrative. In several issues, I am not sure that he succeeded. Yet, here, there is a clear path – a metaphysical, sci-fi tinged story that leads us ultimately to Forge’s new base at Mt. Wundagore. There is drama, and there is death, and there is even a bit of seemingly well-intentioned deceipt, all of which lend a sort of operatic quality to this book.

Operatic seems to fit as a description of Simone Bianchi’s work. Panels, panel-less cutouts, and blank spaces are interwoven to create a sense of emotional, rather than temporal transition. I love the thicker lines that have been inked here, yet I wish that the colors had a bit more richness. I don’t mind muting, but there is an appearance of processing artifact that creates an effect of sloppiness at times.

This was close to a pick of the week for me, and I am as surprised as anyone that it is succeeding.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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