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Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Pete Woods, Pere Perez, Marlo Alquiza, Ruy Jose, Sean Parsons, & Cam Smith
Letters by Tony Avina
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Variant Cover by Ivan Reis

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

Man, this issue was disappointing as hell. First time I’ve ever bought an issue of johns Aquaman where i felt like i wasted my money. The rest of the series has been great, even the zero issue. This, this felt like filler, and not the good kind. I wasn’t engaged at all with the plot, mainly because there isn’t much to reflect on. All the characters seemed pretty bland and nothing really happens except at the end. I get this is a prelude, but this all could have been summed up in 2 pages. I would have preferred if they focused on some of the great relationships that Aquaman has with the cast, i would have preferred seeing scenes with the others or with Mera, or hell, with his dog. He’s had a big ass adventure, give me a slice of life or an in between adventure. Maybe he should have just focused on the Aquaman of yesteryear a side plot in this issue. As for the art, big downgrade from the exceptional Ivan Reis. The color palette here makes everything look way too cartoony, the scene with the fish getting ocean masters attention was rendered silly. In addition to this, i felt that the art also seemed inconsistent but maybe that’s because of the different inkers. Seriously disappointing. Completely skippable issue. But do not give up hope on the series, the rest of it was pure gold. This….not so much.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average

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