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This issues ends the latest Annihilation series from Marvel. While not as good as its predecessor, I still had a great time reading this series, and this issue. I will try to keep this issue spoiler-free as much as possible. In the finale of the series we have the rebels last stand against Ultron and his Phalanx allies. I liked seeing all the ships of other races gathered around the edge of the wall, it showed that this event did impact the rest of the universe. There was a character who came in at the last minute in this issue, but I had expected this from the beginning and wasn’t really surprised. Some may grumble because to fully understand everything you needed to buy the Nova issues, but I collect that series anyway so for me it was no big deal. Mantis had an awesome character moment, that really shows how scary it can be to know the future.

The final battle should most of our heroes rise to the challenge, but focused on a few. Again, some may not like that characters important early on did not have much of an impact here, but the characters involved were always they main ones, and this battle is the end of their journey in this series. The story provides a definite ending, but also paves the way for future cosmic stories.

The art in this issue was great, it had a gritty feel to it which made this feel like a true war. The techno-organic elements were drawn wonderfully, and Raney conveyed a truly moving scene with Quasar’s vision. While there was two different artists working on this issue I thought their styles meshed well and made for pretty seamless transitions.

Overall this series provided some great cosmic action, and leaves me hungry for the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I’m a fan of Raney’s art, but I flipped through this and thought it didn’t look up to his standards.  I’ll probably pick this up in trade.  The art in Guardians of the Galaxy looks so much better.

     Also, I’m happy they didn’t kill Bug.  Micronauts fan from way back.

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