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An ending befitting the series. While Nova and Drax were definitely my favorite parts of the first Annihilation, Peter Quill and his team quickly rose to the top in this installment, and lent a much needed grounding and relate-ability to the side of good in this finale issue. While I thought Conquest wasn’t quite as good as its predecessor, I’m definitely psyched up for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy series. Anbett and Lanning are destined for some great things, and Tom Raney’s pencils sing as usual. Rocket Raccoon for President!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Does it make sense to follow Guardians of the Galaxy without reading this series? I got a little sick of the prior Annhilation series and stopped reading after the first mini.

  2. it will probly help but i think that there will be a recap in the first issue.

  3. undoubtedly there will be a recap, but really, all you’re missing in ‘Conquest’ is they’re first adventure together as a team, and the deaths of a few expendable characters. not a huge deal really. although i should mention that this mini is vastly different than the first annihilation series. its more steeped in marvel’s cosmic past with characters like adam warlock and moondragon, and less concerned with the bigger (no pun intended) characters from the first series like galactus and thanos. plus rocket raccoon is the shiz, and i leapt for joy when i saw him on the cover of the starlord mini.

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