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WRITER: Joe Quesada & Stan Lee
PENCILS: Joe Quesada, Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin
COVER BY: Paolo Rivera

Size: 40 pages
Price: 3.99

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  1. Balls, lots of balls with this review. Good job man!

    Yeah this sounds incredibly horrible though.

  2. I actually thought the art was great…..and sadly, the story was actually better than last issues.

  3. I want to debate the merits of this issue because I really liked it, but being as that the reviewer didn’t actually provide any intelligent insight, why bother?

  4. What would you wish to debate?

    MJ saying that Peter’s life as Spider-Man is comparable to living with her emotionally and physically abusive father? Yes, let’s tell the superhero who goes out and saves lives that he’s no better than a dead-beat, child-hitting scum of humanity. Because that makes so much sense.  

    MJ and Peter staying together but never marrying because she wants to have kids (and somehow marriage means you HAVE to have kids)?  But she doesn’t want to bring them into a world where their daddy could be away alot because he has to fight bad guys and save the world. Okay, I can buy that concern about her not wanting to marry Peter because he’s Spider-Man. I can grant you that some folks would have concerns of having a child in this lifestyle. Speaking as someone who had a father in the Military for my formative years…I can say that as much as I would’ve loved to have him around all the time, I can understand why he would go for months or a year at a time on Navy cruises. And I not only do I not resent him for it, I think he’s perhaps the greatest man I have ever known. But hey, that’s just dumb ol’ me, right? 

    The fact that Peter Parker revives Aunt May, despite the doctors using actual medical means to bring her back, using only CPR when somehow no one else (NO ONE) could save her. He didn’t think to use CPR on her when she was shot? For that matter, did MJ not think to use it?The fact that Peter using CPR to save his Aunt could’ve been done in the original continuity! And from the looks of it, it would’ve worked! Peter and Mary Jane essentially sold their marriage down the river for NOTHING!

     The notion that Peter and MJ living as bf/gf for all this time…and they never once talk about the night of monumental fail? Not once? MJ’s not curious about it at all? At the time of the wedding I could buy she didn’t want to hear it but by this point she STILL hadn’t known? 


    Ready when you are. 

  5. While I’m not about to argue that the points you make are insignificant, they are mostly the sort of nitpicking that is inherent with people that are still bitter about One More Day.

    And yeah, using CPR sounds ridiculous. 

  6. It’s wrong of you to say that this is a badly written comic because you don’t agree with the statements of one of the characters. Especially a sexy lady character. I mean, who can say what goes on in their heads? MJ came off as a little self-centred and not too sure of herself. I was okay with that. And I’m usually pretty sensitive to over-dramatic and/or exposition-heavy dialogue and this issue didn’t ring any alarm bells. Plus it’s a scientific fact that you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to the art. The ‘borrowed’ art that you refer to from this (and the previous) issue was used for effect and not out of laziness. And it achieved its purpose. Plus JQ has great way of drawing faces, capturing the exact microsecond that tells us the most about scene.

    All of that said, your review was excellently written and you’re totally right about the story being rubbish. The last page is not just stupid, it’s stupid as! CPR my ass! Last issue’s big ‘Is that it?’ moment was what MJ said to Mephisto. This time around it was that whole thing about Peter and MJ acting out their marriage without being married. The main problem I have with OMD/BND/OMIT is getting my head around why some malevolent and omnipotent force would care about Spider-Man’s marriage. I was really hoping there would be more to it than the ‘true love’ angle. There’s not. If anything, OMIT has taught me to expect way less.

    I still don’t see how the plot holes the size of The Grand Canyon can be filled and BND seems more pointless than ever. Diablo ex machina. Well said.

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