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I’m always curious to see how a monthly comic’s timeline is affected by annuals, and specials.  Will it be woven into continuity?  If so, how?  Given that ASM is now a near-weekly book (3 issues a month), and that Spidey is a member of the  New Avengers, and also pops up all over the Marvel U.  I expected to have to wait until next month (as this is the conclusion to a longer storyline) to see how everything would fall into place, but there’s an epilogue in this issue that incorporates most of the storylines Spidey’s been involved in (excepting the Mister Negative one).  So, that was a plus for me.

But this was an issue of pluses.  It didn’t blow me away, but I enjoyed it.  I like that it’s not “Marvel Muddy.”  I didn’t like that there were three different sets of artists on this issue.  That said, the art was fairly consistent.  Good but not spectacular. 

The story ended a bit differently than I anticipated (which is good), and I’m not sure how it could have ended better and stayed within continuity.  The flipside to that is, well, this was another Marvel storyline (such as the recent Messiah War), where big changes loom, and then the story puts you back pretty much right where you started.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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