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I just don’t know what to say about this book.  I was on board from issue 1 of Spider-Girl until it finished its 100 issue run.  I stuck around for Amazing Spider-Girl’s 30 issues.  But now, I am not sure if I want to read Spider-Girl in digital only format.  Not that I have a problem with digital comics, but this finale left a bad taste in my mouth.

The entire series can be summed up as a bunch of fun, out there moments that felt like reading an Amazing Spider-Man comic from earlier times.  With most of the stories focusing on the characters and the creation of lots of new villians.  It was never great, but always good storytelling.  The odd issue was utter garbage but never enough for me to drop the book.  When Pat Olliffe left the penciling duties I was ready to drop the book due to Ron Frenz’s horrid artwork.  Then something happened after 6 or 7 issues he changed pencils and found his form.  And while again not great but just better than average his pencils seemed more crisp and clean. 

Again I was hooked on this book, until final story arc.  Where Tom Defalco decided to ruin everything by forgetting what made the book great in the first place.  And topping off the cake, Frenz went back to his shitty pencil and made the book look bad again.  This arc is probably the worst arc I have read ever.  If I could give them 0’s I would.  For those who want to pick up Spider-Girl digests or back issues, please do, they are good.  Just ignore this last arc completely.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  2. Is this Marvel’s first attempt to put an actual series in digital format only?

    I know they have the likes of ‘Myths, Monsters, and Unknowns’ on their website….but like the first truely named comic as digital only? What an odd first choice if that is the case.

  3. @PaulMontgomery

    What kind of cake?

  4. @TheNextChampion

    I am not sure, maybe?  Does the Bendis/Maleev venture count if it is printed in comic form?

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