AIR #1

Review by: LazarusBoy

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I saw the previews for this book and was very intrigued.  After having read it not once but twice I find myself with two thoughts. 

The art is rather striking. 
The story has enough plot holes to fly a plane through. 

Still though, a decent enough premise to keep me coming back for at least another issue or two. 

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. yeah, im right there with you

  2. I just read it and I did’t see a singe plot hole…. just mystery and intrigue for me.

     I found it a brilliant first issue.

  3. The jacket parachute seemed a little odd (didnt seem that the jacket was any bigger than a normal one), plus being able to smuggle guns onto a plane (metal or not), still I enjoyed it and liked the art.

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