AIR #1

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Although I wasn’t hooked by the preview and was not familiar with any of the creative team’s previous work, I feel a weird obligation to check out any #1 issue from Vertigo.

Ms. Wilson put together a very fast-paced issue; it borders on being a bit too frantic at times.  She has created an interesting protagonist in Blythe; she’s determined and strong, but has her anxieties. 

The bright, clean artwork from Mr. Perker and co. kept the story from getting too chaotic.  This is nice-looking book, well-grounded in reality, which should ensure that the book’s fantastical elements won’t seem too outlandish.

Alot happens in this issue, but most of the conflicts seem to be cleared up by the final pages.  There is a thread that will most likely get you to check out #2. 

I’ll be reading the first arc, then we’ll see if I’ll keep buying it in singles, only in trade, or at all.  Definitely an intriguing premise.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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