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Back in 2002, director Danny Boyle help reinvent the zombie genre with 28 Days Later. True the people infected with the rage virus weren’t technically zombies. But the film he made; along with the writers, actors, and other cast; became one of the best horror films to come out this decade. After a bit of a lackluster BOOM! studios have decided to expand this universe. Film or TV tie-in comics are usually never good; but BOOM! has had a massive explosion of success so far this year. Is this a good idea for an ongoing series?

Well it’s a bit too early to tell to be honest. This issue was nothing but a set up for what’s to come. This takes place apparently a couple of a good amount of time after the original film. Survivor at the end of the film, Selena, is at a camp in Norway. She’s approached by an American journalist to be a bodyguard for his crew to go back into infected London. After refusing initally she decides to do the job and of course things just go wrong.

I can’t really critique on the writing as much because it was too much set up for my liking. It was interesting to read but Michael Alan Nelson doesn’t bring much new to the table. Honestly it felt like a British version of The Walking Dead. But when the gears start to turn then maybe he’ll bring more to the table. Art by Declan Shalevy is nice to look at. A bit dark at times but the characters sure are nice to look at. He is able to make us recognize Selena as the actress who played her, but puts it on his own terms then just copying still from the film. With not much happening, again it’s hard to critique. But this still looked like a good comic.

There are many questions to answer with this new look. Why is Selena by herself? What happened to the other survivors at the end of the first film? How is the infected getting out of England? Will this be considered in canon with the second film? Whatever happens, hopefully the people at BOOM! can make it a great read. Otherwise this is just a zombie comic trying to be too much like Walking Dead.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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