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Word Balloon Podcast Rick Remender On Uncanny X-Force And The Changing Landscape of Comics

Show Notes

Rick Remender joins us to talk about his work on Uncanny X-Force and the wrap up to his run on  The Punisher with In The Blood, but he's also here to discuss the new status quo of the Big 2 companies as new ideas fro ongoing books meet the challenge of today's market.

In stories like Rick's takes on Doctor Voodoo and his Legion of Monsters detour for The Punisher in Franken Castle, Remender had brought his unique style of fresh takes on c-list Marvel characters presented in big concept story ideas with no ties to major story events. However, the lack of initial retailer interest in Voodoo cancelled the ongoing series plans before fans had a chance to buy the first issue. Franken Castle while applauded by critics as a fun change of pace, also had some regular Punisher readers complaining it was too "out there" for the usual exploits of the street level anti-hero. So In The Blood wraps up Remnder's run in a very traditional (though equally well executed)  method.

We've seen it with other critically acclaimed 2010 books, like Atlas, and Thor The Mighty Avenger. Must readers, or more importatntly retailers gamble with over-buying a new book, without knowing whether it will sell through to the fans? What is Marvel's responsibility to give books enough of a chance on the shelf to find an audience, before cutting off a new monthly title? Would books from earlier this decade, like Brian Bendis's ALIAS have survived in today's market? You'll hear a candid discussion on the subject on this episode of Word Balloon.

We also talk about Rick's new computer game Bulletstorm coming out in February, the trade paperback release and movie news of Radical's Last Days Of American Crime and his wrap up of Fear Agent from Dark Horse .


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  1. This was great.  With respect to Talksplode (which I’d argue is a different animal anyway, given the long-form nature John’s work), Word Balloon has to be my favorite creator interview show, across all media.  Thanks as always, John.

  2. Thanks. I like Talksplode too, and wish there were more creator interview shows of its quality. 

  3. I’ll be back when Chris Yost and Craig Kyle are back on. This stuff isn’t for me. One. Bit. But hey! I’m sure Uncanny X-force is for someone…

  4. Alias definitely would have survived in today’s market. Bendis is one of Marvel’s favorite sons. They wouldn’t cancel it even if it had subpar sales. Same way they honor past favorite sons like Chris Claremont and Tom DeFalco: under anyone else, X-Men Forever and Spider-Girl would have been canceled many times over.

  5. Bendis has had plenty of series canceled. At the end of the day, numbers rule.

  6. @frog – X-Men Forever is more about contractual obligations to Claremont.  You could argue that Marvel shows him a lot less respect than they probably should.

  7. Plus the numbers cutoff wasn’t as quick as it is today, and Bendis wasn’t BENDIS when ALIAS debuted.

  8. I’ve been enjoying Doc Voodoo via Marvel Digital (all five are free right now) and really look forward to checking out FrankenCastle.  I also greedily await the Fear Agent omnibus and hope it hits stores sometime early next year.  I’m also going to happily pick up LDOAC via comixology.

    Rick also provides fun interviews, I have enjoyed his video and audio from iFanboy and can’t wait to listen to this one.

  9. That was a particularly good interview from both of you guys.  Very honest.

    I had actually just planned on dropping Uncanny X-Force (or at least collection waiting).  Not because I didn’t like it – I loved the first issue.  Just because I am trying to cut back and it’s $4.  But to hear Rick pitch it again, god it sounds completely awesome, I don’t think I can wait.  The X-Men line hasn’t appealed to me much in recent years.  This sounds like an X-book I’ve been waiting for.

  10. Good interview. Fellow lcs customer let me borrow Fear Agent trades 1-3: good comics, but not enough to keep me going back. Sorry.

  11. Thanks for the podcast, John. Very delayed response, but I just wanted to thank Rick for his candid comments on FEAR Agent. I’ve been trading waiting for it, and it was very enlightening to hear what he had to say about the persistence needed to stick with it. Really looking forward to reading it all in trades. 

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