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Word Balloon Podcast – Floor Interviews From NYCC 2010

Show Notes

An all-star list of creators are on tap on this episode of Word Balloon. Live from the floor of this year's New York Comic Con…

Billy Tucci talks about his work on the DC war books, and rebooting his creator owned series Shi for the 21st century, beginning next year.

Nicola Scott previews her upcoming run on Teen Titans with JT Krul.

Ryan Dunleavy and Fred Van Lente preview issue 5 of their history of comics documentary Comic Book Comics.

Artist Trevor Goring discusses his new IDW 3 part WW2 series Iron Siege starting in December.

Colorist Paul Mounts talks about his work on Fantastic Four Captain America, and the transition from hand coloring books, to learning the digital process.

The entire creative team from Vertigos Scalped  writer Jason Aaron, and artists RM Guerra, and Giulia Brusco discuss how they were put together by editor Will Dennis .

Stuart Moore discusses his IDW Star Trek One Shot on Captain Pike, His Spider-Man Howard The Duck Special Back in Quack! The monthly Namor series, and a new OGN Shadrach Stone, a paranormal adventure story from Penny Farthing Press. With artist Jon Proctor.

Walter and Louise Simonson discuss recent and future works coming from DC and Marvel.

John Paul Leon  previews a new Batman mini series with Kurt Busiek , and talks about last year's Sgt Fury and The Howling Commandos: Shotgun Opera with Jesse Alexander.

Cliff Chang previews his upcoming run on Zantana with Paul Dini, and hints at a 2011 project that reunites him with his Dr Thirteen partner Brian Azzarello.

Jamal Igle talks about wrapping up his run on Supergirl with issue #59.

Christos Gage talks about his Marvel books, the Vertigo Crime Novel Area 10 with Chris Samnee, his Avatar superhero series Absolution , and his work on the new Captain America video game.

From 2000AD Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser discuss their new Nikolai Dante graphic novel Amerika , plus Simon talks about his Lily Mackenzie series featured in the 2000AD Megazine.


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  1. Cliff Chiang on Zatanna?  Awesome.

  2. Thank you Mr. Siuntres. You da man!

  3. Can’t tell you how gratifying it is to learn so many international creators listen to Word Balloon.

  4. Good talking to you John. Only one comment ..F.R.A.S.E.R    …ahem

  5. sorry simon! great seeing you and meeting robbie !

  6. Great podcast Mr.Siuntres.

  7. I just finished this up tonight, great job John!  Did Walt mention anything about the recoloring that is going to be happening with the new omnibus of his Thor run?

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