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Word Balloon Podcast Dan Slott on Spider-Man Big Time

Show Notes

Today on Word Balloon, Dan Slott joins us with details of his plans on Amazing Spider-Man. The new Spidey status quo, called BIG TIME debuts this week. Dan talks about upcoming plots, guest stars, and ideas which begin with issue #648. We also talk about Dan’s work on the Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions game, the Amazing Spider-Man Point One issue coming in February, The Avengers cartoon on Disney XD, and more.


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  1. I dig Dan Slott’s enthusiasm and genuine love for what he does for a living.  It’s always fun to hear or read him being interviewed. Thanks for the podcast fellas.

  2. Dan’s enthusiaism is effin’ addictive.

  3. Dan Slott is one of my favorite writers. He REALLY loves the characters and it shows. This was a great listen.

  4. Slott is funny. Have been reading Spider-Man Brand New Day era. Looking fwd to see what Dan does now that he’s the sole driver.

  5. The interview made me want to hunt up some of those old Ren and Stimpy comics.

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