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Word Balloon Jonathan Hickman Q&A Part 2

Show Notes

Hickman is back to finish the Q&A session we started earlier this month. There's more discussion of FF, Secret Warriors, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the new books Hickman has planned to start coming out from Image later this year, including The Red Wing in July.


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  1. Downloading now!

  2. hey the first one was pretty cool. Thanks for using my question. This will make a fun podcast to listen to at work this week. =)

  3. Hell of a Weeknd treat!

  4. I wonder if Hickman will take this podcast as an opportunity to talk about his comics as if they’re more important than a cure for cancer?

  5. @edward- harsh

  6. @edward  – or you could just NOT listen…

  7. It’s just my impression of the guy, fellas, don’t get your knickers in a knot

  8. Hey, Jonathan and John, Sergius O’Hoolihan happens to be the Baxter Building’s doorman, not Franklin’s perv uncle, LOL. Anyway, it’s cool that I happened to ask the last question. Thnks for the answer, though I gotta wait longer for She-Hulk, Molecule Man’s return is something to look forward to.

  9. @edward  well I would rather have a writer who actually cares, and thinks about the quality of his comics taking it seriously than just putting out shit. You should appreciate it that he puts that much though and thinks they are important. No need to throw the guy under the bus for no reason.

  10. I wonder if edward will take this podcast as an opportunity to say something “witty” and “original” in the comments thread in an effort to get attention.

    Oh wait …

  11. @WheelHands  it worked! yay!

  12. @4iiii  Well put.

    I appreciate that Hickman does not subscribe to the ol’ “throw a lot of shit at the wall and see what sticks” philosophy of writing. He seems to respect the intellect of his readers. I’m looking forward to The Red Wing, and I’m going to check out some of his other stuff like The Nightly News. 

    I’ve been downloading some past Word Balloon podcasts, and they’ve all been a lot of fun. Well done, John! 

  13. I had a brain tumor until I read S.H.I.E.L.D #4.

  14. @edward – I don’t think you appreciate Hickman’s dedication to his craft – a dedication that has probably infiltrated his psyche and, maybe yes, made him come off as smug to you. He’s from Florence, South Carolina, dude! I know you’re probably not all that familiar with what that means – but it’s about as fucking far away(literally and figuratively) from the artistic centers of the world as you can get…i’m from McBee, SC  – we used to call Florence  (pop. 25,000 ) ‘the City’ when I was growing up, because we only had 700 people in our town, and Florence had a MacDonalds. That region of South Carolina (the Pee Dee/the Sandhills) isn’t even one that tourists stink up, unless they happen to run low on gas heading to the coast.

    Point is, Hickman had to be that good to get where he is. He didn’t get into comics because he “shared a cab uptown”(heard that phrase on Law & Order) with Jim Shooter, or because he blew Stan Lee in a discotheque men’s room. He worked hard, he perfected his craft, he got out of ‘flyover country’, and if he’s a bit prideful – fuck it – it’s deserved.

  15. @edward–if you don’t have an ego, you’re not a successful artist. 

  16. Great podcast.  Love what you guys do with these.

  17. @wallythegreenmonster  stop playinng attention or i will never stop.

    and you know, i don’t necessarily disagree

  18. @edward: Ha! Just teasin. My knickers aren’t actually in a knot. To each his own.

  19. id rather an artist who is proud of his work than not, just like i like a musician who can listen to their own music.  Why would anyone make something they cant enjoy themselves?

    Looking forward to seeing nick fury staying in Hickman’s hands.  And if any surviving members of secret warriors get there so the better. 

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