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Word Balloon – Joe Quesada

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As the opening weekend of the Thor film approaches, Joe Quesada joins us for a candid look at his position as Chief Creative Officer at Marvel. We talk about how the position has changed since Avi Arad had the title 10 years ago, and the lessons learned from the Marvel films of the last 10 plus years. Joe tells us why Thor's Kenneth Branagh is a great collaborative director, as well as how Robert Downey Jr. performance has affected Tony Stark’s persona in comics and animation.

Plus we explore questions regarding the monthly comic products. Have we reached a price ceiling at $3.99 for a 22 page comic? How will the conversion to digital effect the price point of single chapters and the current 5-6 part structure of story arcs? Can Marvel take a longer gestation risk on a new ongoing title beyond the store order numbers of a first issue?

We also discuss the Marvel Television projects, from the animated Ultimate Spider-Man to live action projects like Jessica Jones, and the challenges of bringing spandex clad heroes to the small screen.


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  1. Looking forward to listening to this tomorrow.  Always liked JQ and I’m sure this will be interesting.  Hope you can get Tom Brevoort on the show like you were talking about in a recent episode.

  2. Tom was on last year but yes I do plan to have him back, also Axel Alonso

  3. I’m super jazzed to pick this up. I’m sure it’s great as usual, @john.

  4. Joe has a viewpoint that is unique to his positions in the industry. He has had his fingers in a lot of pots over the last couple of decades and I enjoy hearing his perspective.
    Just wondering if we can look forward to a stronger showing from DC in the coming weeks? They have a big event coming out and you provide a great platform. 

  5. John, This is a great interview once again. Thanks for asking the type of questions I am curious about. I have to admit, I have watched Daredevil and tried again,but it’s just never gelled with me.
     It’s interesting to hear from him and Bendis about the prices of issues from the sales people. The price increase has been the primary reason I have significant dropped my number of issues. When the price dropped back down to 2.99, I  increased my list. 
     Have any information been posted about the relation between digital comics and acquiring new readers as of yet? I think digital has been out long enough to start seeing results.
     What do some of my ifanboy peeps think?

  6. Lot of Marvel Balloons lately. Do you plan these out or just go with the flow John? I mean, do you try to space out the publishers evenly or just talk to whoever can fit you in their schedule?


  7. great episode, john

  8. @elijahsnowplow  @JNewcomb  I go with who’s available to talk. sometimes creators are either too busy or under strict orders to decline interviews.

    I do have a couple of DC shows coming up but have recived more “no’s” from DC creators lately because many of them have top secret books coming that they cant speak about.

    my hands are tied.

  9. Not complaining John, keep the great content coming.

    Enjoyed the Joe Q interview, thanks for asking pertinent questions. 🙂

  10. @JNewcomb  I didn’t think you were complaining at all. the absense of any dc guests outside of my C2e2 stuff deserved an explanation.

  11. this sounds really interesting. I always love listening to these at work. Learn a ton from them. Keep it up! =)

  12. Well, maybe once Flashpoint nears it’s conclusion, perhaps after, I can hope some folks free up some time. I see where they are coming from. From what is out there it sounds like “the universe will never be the same” after Flashpont. Keep up the great work John. You book ’em, I’ll listen.

  13. The podcast has been on a roll lately. Great work John.

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