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Talksplode #9 with Ed Brubaker of ‘Captain America’, ‘Incognito’, ‘Daredevil’, and ‘Angel of Death’

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Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards catch up with the very busy Ed Brubaker. We cover a whole lot of ground including the live action web series Angel of Death, written by Ed and starring Zoe Bell. We talk about Ed’s early cartooning work, as well as Captain America, Daredevil, Incognito, and the upcoming The Marvels Project. Then we try to convince him to see My Blue Heaven. Well, not in that order.

Running Time: 00:41:38

Criminal Piece
Ted Leo


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  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    *checks calendar*

    In which country is it Christmas today?  

    Thanks, guys! 

  2. That was a fascinating point about dialogue in comics. Seems obvious now, but I hadn’t thought of it before

  3. Awesome! What a great surprise. I will listen immediately.


  4. A great listen, very insightful.  Can’t wait to see where Incognito goes from here!

  5. It’s almost like his upcoming Marvels series is a continuation of his run on Captain America, with all the espionage behind the origins of the Marvel universe. I wasn’t going to pick it up, but now its definatly piqued my interest!

  6. Great interview!  Enjoyed it much

  7. Brubaker is a big fan of teleporters isnt he? second time he mentioned their awesomeness in an interview

  8. Thanks!

  9. Great interview!

    Josh, I couldn’t help noticing that EB mentioned the role of a small dog in his creative process.  Maybe you and George can garner some inspiration from this!

  10. It did cross my mind.

  11. Way to go with the Ted Leo! 


    You know, I comment on music more than just about anything else.  

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Great interview, guys.  

    I remember reading that Tarantino has a specific ritual when he starts a script where he has to get a certain kind of composition book and a red pen or something. 

    Ed, whenever you ultimately wrap up your run on Captain America, please publish your notebook. Love seeing stuff like that.   

  13. I think that Tarantino material you’re thinking of is pot.

  14. Yeah, Paul, have you seen a Tarantino script? 

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I will no longer be sharing my anecdotes with you ingrates.  

  16. the secret word for this interview is "ya’know"

    I stopped the interview in the middle and when i restarted he said ya’know 3 times in 5 words and from that point it was all i could hear.

    I now know why sometimes text interviews are better ya’know 

  17. Dammit Leigh, now that’s all I’ll hear.

  18. Ed Brubaker will no longer be sharing his anecdotes with you ingrates.

    Ya know?

  19. He smokes a lot of pot!  it’s not a secret!

  20. good work boys, excellent interview

     now, seriously, brubaker sounds like he is stoned constantly, every time i hear him interviewed.

    " heyy, soo, yeah, it’s like, if, like you could teleport, man, than, you know…. "

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Does great work and clearly cares about his craft. That’s all I care about.  

  22. Are we talking about Brubaker or Tarantino, now?

  23. I was talking about Tarantino. It was a damned joke!

  24. Ha ha, sorry, I just lost the thread of the discussion in there.

  25. no, no. i mean Brubaker. total stoner

  26. I really don’t think Ed smokes pot!  He’s just that committed to teleportation!

  27. @ohcaroline

    It’s okay, we’ve all smoked pot. Some just stick with it.
  28. To be honest; Brubaker doing a Jughead comic is something I would totally buy. Even if it’s straight up serious on a guy who just eats too many hamburgers.

    @miyamoto: Not me man, probably the safest person you’ll ever know. If your talking about soda though…

  29. hmmm….. i still think he sounds like he’s ripped off his tits

  30. great interview.  But do I really care about his political views (i.e. he said he believes most conservatives are evil)?  No.  Would rather just hear about comics.

  31. Great interview guys! I woulc also buy Jughead comics if Brubaker wrote them lol.

    Also Angel Of Death should be on itunes since I cant fracking stream it here [Canada].

  32. Turns out Ed Brubaker is full of crap for saying 7 million people have watched Angel of Death.  That’s been debunked here:  


  33. The article doesn’t so much say "full of crap" as it says "misspoke," but whatever.

    How many people are watching your show?

  34. Burn!

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