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Talksplode #65 – Making Comics with Charles Soule and Joe Mulvey

Show Notes

Look who’s back! Josh Flanagan comes out of Talksplode hiatus to speak with a couple of bona fide comic book creators about the process, mind, and lifestyle of the creator-owned comic book maker. From the mind of the artist, to the way to make it work with your life, to the challenges of the modern market, the conversation covers a ton of ground, and is a real insight to what it means to make comics.

Charles Soule (Swamp Thing, Thunderbolts, Letter 44, Superman/Wonder Woman) has risen through the ranks of comic book writers over the last year to the point where he’s currently writing seven ongoing series, with a mix of DC, Marvel, and indie series. He’s a returning guest. You can find him on Twitter here.


Joe Mulvey is the creator of Scam from ComixTribe, a writer and artist who is paving his own way through comics. He’s currently in the process of a Kickstarter campaign for the SCAM Ultimate Collection, featuring a short story written by Josh himself, as well as hundreds of pages of other content from a host of great names in comics. You can follow Joe on Twitter as well.


Total Running Time: 01:29:09

“Everything is Borrowed”
The Streets


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  1. Fascinating interview!

    • I’ll echo that sentiment. Very cool to hear a discussion with two pros who are at different stages of their careers. In both cases, they seemed fulfilled and excited to be working in the comics medium. I’m happy to hear that Soule plans to scale it back eventually. Much like Kirby in his heyday, Soule’s prolificacy confounds me. It was also nice to hear Joe give props to Josh for his Pint story. Here’s to more Flanagan comics (and more Talksplodes!)

  2. I really appreciate you giving the show a listen. Josh is a great interviewer and Charles Soule is at the top of his game. It was fun and informative as all hell. Hope you all got as much out of it as I did.

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