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Talksplode #62 – Charles Soule of ‘Swamp Thing’ and ‘Strange Attractors’

Show Notes

Charles Soule is set to have a busy 2013. Starting in April, he’s the new ongoing writer of Swamp Thing following Scott Snyder’s exit from the title. We talk about how the opportunity came about, how he’s approached the project, and his trip down to Louisiana to really understand where the character is from.

Running Time: 01:18:04

Strange Attractors

Also in April will be the release of Strange Attractors, an original graphic novel from Archaia, written by Soule, with art by Greg Scott. This story gets into the very specific nitty gritty of the living system of New York City, and the secrets behind how it doesn’t collapse on itself. You can wait for the hardcover, or read it digitally now.

You can follow Charles Soule on Twitter and check out his website.

“Swamp Song”


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  1. I used to love these Talksplodes and just realized how much I missed them. Thanks for bringing this back. Great stuff. Glad Paul brought this and Booksplode back with his magical clipboard and red pen. I look forward to more.

    A question about the Booksplodes, are they simply going to be about the book-of-the-months or are you guys going to do periodic, special look backs at old stories like you guys used to do on the video podcasts (the Sandman or Hellboy episodes or whatever? Right now would be a perfect time for one of these on Hellblazer, I would like to know which Hellblazer runs to go back and read)? Either way excited for these. It’s much appreciated guys.

  2. Great to have these back. Really terrific, in depth interview, Josh.

  3. I really enjoy these talksplodes, looking forward to more.

  4. Charles Soule’s Strongman graphic novels are some awesome stuff. People should check them out.

  5. My hometown got mentioned! Awesome. Houma, LA: Home of Swamp Thing. We should put that on a sign.

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