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Talksplode #50 – Rick Remender, writer of ‘Uncanny X-Force’, ‘Secret Avengers’, ‘Venom’ & More

Show Notes

Rick Remender is no stranger to the iFanboy Talksplode, but this time around he gives a brutally honest and frank look at his most recent work on Uncanny X-Force and Venom, as well as a look ahead as to what to expect from his upcoming Secret Avengers.

We’ve heralded Uncanny X-Force has the best ongoing series at Marvel Comics and now that the first year’s worth of stories has wrapped, Remender shares with us what he thinks of the run so far, what’s worked and what hasn’t, as well as it what it took to write one of the most dramatic and ming blowing stories in X-Men history.

With the February Venom event coming soon, Remender also shares some revealing thoughts about what he thought of Venom, both before writing the title, and now in the midst of his run, as well as weighing in on the complaints about the number of issues shipping in February related to the event.

With Secret Avengers around the corner, we get a glimpse of what to expect from Remender as he’s joined by Gabriel Hardman on the title. If you guessed a lot of Captain Britain, you’re correct! This is the first time Remender’s discussed his plans for Captain Britain and it’s definitely going to be worth reading!

In addition to all that we chat about the end of Fear Agent, more The Last Days of American Crime as well as what it’s REALLY like to work with Jason Aaron.

Running Time: 00:01:03:30

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  1. cool, i’ve been waiting for this.

  2. Just finished the Dark Angel Saga and boy am I disappointed… that it’s over.

  3. Nice intro song choice!

  4. Also enjoy the Remender episodes.

  5. Can a new Secret Wars from Remender be an event in the making?

  6. good episode.

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