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Talksplode #40 with Robert Kirkman of ‘The Walking Dead’, The Infinite’, ‘Super Dinosaur’, and ‘Invincible’

Show Notes

If you know iFanboy, you know we never turn down the opportunity to talk to Robert Kirkman, so when the chance to chat with Robert on the phone about this new project, The Infinite with Rob Liefeld came up, Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards took one for the team and went a few rounds with Kirkman. Always hilarious and honest, Kirkman tells us what The Infinite is, his theories on time travel stories, why he previously hasn’t liked to write endings, as well as glimpse into his life of not really liking people dressed up as zombies on the set of The Walking Dead along with what his son really thinks of Super Dinosaur.

Running Time: 00:24:25

If our conversation isn’t enough for you, check out this preview of the first 5 pages of The Infinite #1:

“Infinity Guitars”
Sleigh Bells


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  1. sounds good, obviously not the liefeld part, but the rest

  2. I want to believe, but, first spread, bottom left, the villiain should really be screaming “Help. I’m falling forward and my arms are stuck!”

  3. So, Haunt was Spawn reimagined… Infinite is Cable reimagined. Just commenting that this is the case. Each was done in tandem with the original creator. I like Haunt alright, I will give Infinite a try. Liefield isn’t that bad. He definitely has a 90s flavor, but in doses that can be fun.

  4. Great show. I’d vote for Kirkman coming back every week to make fun of you guys! 🙂 I’d love to hear a Talksplode with James Robinson about Starman. (And the Booksplodes on Omnibus 3 through 6 as well actually).

    With this really being the age of the collected edition, where all the classics seem to be in print, I’d love to hear interviews with creators about specific classic runs they’ve had. Maybe McFarlane on his Spidey run, Peter David on his Hulk run, Loeb on his Hulk or Batman runs, Johns on his Wally West Flash run, Morrison on the Invisibles, etc. I think they’d have a longer shelf life as interviews as well. I’m sure the obvious stumbling block to that is that creators want to sell what they’re doing now, but if they were timed around releases of collected editions of their runs it might work. 

  5. What’s the thing with Liefeld? People don’t seem to like him, but i don’t get why…

  6. @GloriousGodfrey

    It’s for a variety of reasons. Some people just straight up don’t dig his art style. Others used to like his art style, but now dismiss it like a dorky seventh grade yearbook photo (grunge was cool!). Others still are upset that Rob keeps getting work and selling books despite a long history of not finishing projects or delivering on deadlines.

    As someone who bought and enjoyed a lot of his work when I was 12, I’m still a little peeved that I never got my swag for joining the Rob Liefeld fan club (they cashed the check). They made it up to me later by sending me a couple signed copies of New Men #11 (regular and variant cover…oooh) when I wrote a letter saying I couldn’t find it at any local shops.

    So I’m neutral.

  7. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Really enjoyed this little episode. It was like a Don’t Miss with a bit of extra fun in there. It’s always a pleasure to hear you guys talk with Kirkman.

  8. Be honest, which Ifanboy co-host didn’t want to ask kirkman “You want to work with Liefield? really?!”

    And Connor, I think it’s fair to say most are pevved about your former complaints far more than the latter.

  9. @syngar98  ….? I wasn’t on this show…

  10. @conor  LOL! I am sorry, call me a jerk, but i was skimming fast and I thought kenolchek (and his post) was you.

    Again apologies.

  11. @syngar98

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. So all bald dudes with facial hair and reasonable opinions look the same to you, huh?


  12. @KenOchalek  calm down jean-luc, err wait…

  13. really fun show…that Kirkman guy was good for a few zingers. 

    Not a big fan of Liefield anymore…he just takes me back too much into the 90s…kinda like Pearl Jam.  

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