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Talksplode #37 with Matt Fraction of ‘Fear Itself’, ‘Uncanny X-Men’, and ‘Casanova’

Show Notes

With the release of the mega event, Fear Itself, from Marvel Comics, we thought it would be a good time to chat with writer Matt Fraction.  Fraction tells us what the approach to Fear Itself has been, how he’s handling the event status and yet making it a manageable, contained story, and what the fan reaction to the book is so far.  We also get a tease of what’s to come in his upcoming The Mighty Thor.

In addition to Fear Itself and Thor, we talk a bit about the close of Fraction’s run on Uncanny X-Men and he feels he did on the title and what’s to come for Marvel’s mutants.  On the creator side of things, we get an update on the progress of Casanova and what Fraction’s thoughts are around creator owned work vs. work for publishers like Marvel.

Running Time: 00:53:44

“Fear and Loathing on Long Island”


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  1. I can’t wait for more Casanova…!!!

  2. I am pretty sure the the original Red Skull with a Cosmic Cube is Cap’s worse nightmare, not neccesarily a Norse god that everyone including the Asgardians forgot about.

    But hey- we’ll see. It is FEAR itself.  So it’s bound to be very scary.

    Hey Ron-  did you cringe when Fraction said “top cop?”

    Fraction’s suppsed real world take on a high tech character like Iron Man has left me cold lately

    but I like the idea that someone is trying to reinvent the Event.

    I think it can be done- and if he found a way to do it that will be a real feather is his cap.

  3. More Latterman and less Crazy Town!

  4. loved it, especially when y’all talked about Mad Men. Love that show almost more than I love comic books. 

  5. Amazing to listen to this after Fear Itself is over. Fraction talks a whole lot of bull***t.

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